Lose Weight and Quit Smoking

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Weight Loss Endorsement

I was overweight most my life, hypnosis ended my struggle … Hypnosis really works…  Lisa  

Losing Weight Real Results

I felt hopeless and unable to control my weight.  Over the past weeks, I have noticed my clothes are fitting better… Charlene R 

Quit Smoking Endorsement

After 3 sessions with Jeff, I have learned to control my cravings for cigarettes… Jamie   

Stopped Smoking Testimony

It is so good to be smoke-free. Jeff has been very good…  Robert Crisler 


What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness that allows hypnotic suggestion to speed up the learning process. In other words, hypnosis helps you take the necessary actions to get beyond your barriers to success. Your adventure in hypnosis can produce success by overcoming negative habits and limitations learned long ago.
Weight Loss with Hypnosis


We are confident that if you use this program, you can join the thousands of successful clients that have lost unwanted weight!  more…
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis


You Know That It’s TIME TO QUIT! The real reason people smoke is very similar to using hypnosis itself. That may be why thousands of people have used hypnosis to support their decision to quit smoking.  more…
Stress Management with Hypnosis


Relaxation is considered a luxury by many people. This is simply NOT TRUE! We require relaxation to function well, maintain health and retain flexibility, both mentally and physically.  more…
Sports Enhancement with Hypnosis


Hypnosis has a long history in sports performance enhancement, especially self-hypnosis. (A reminder that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.) Hypnosis in sports is enjoying a more positive image. more…

Lose Weight and Quit Smoking

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Free Hypnosis Screening

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Personalized Programs

Our programs are custom tailored to fit your individual requirements. Your personalized program is the simple, safe, and quick way to reaching your goals.


Every person who uses our services is taught self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis inoculates you against relapse and is easily mastered. Self-hypnosis reinforces your desired changes and insures a genuine hypnotic experience.

Scientific Technique

The programs we offer are designed using proven scientific principles. Your program was developed from extensive trial and study. Our programs are based on the positive actions taken by successful clients. Our wish is to provide you with hypnotic services that are effective and easy to understand, that are useful, sensible and easy to apply in everyday life.

Expert Staff

Your professional hypnotist is certified and has completed intensive special training in hypnosis. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Get a Free Hypnosis Screening

Our free screening is professional, fun and informative. We give you an honest explanation of hypnosis and evaluate your situation. If we feel hypnosis will not help you we will tell you so. Or policies, procedures, and recommendations are discussed in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Best Guarantee in the Hypnosis Business

Once you complete your program we stand behind you with a written guarantee. If you go back to your unwanted behavior for any reason, our services are available to you at no additional charge for as long as Lincoln Hypnosis is doing business.
I was a smoker for 30+ years, after 3 sessions I’ve been smoke free.  Would highly recommend!!
Teddi DubasBenet NE

Ceiling on Fees

We evaluate your problem and then assess a fee. Once the fee is paid there are absolutely no more additional session charges. We stay with the problem until you are happy.


Lisa Lost Over 52LBs

Lincoln Hypnosis has been great for me.  Since starting I am down 25 lbs. and have been able to keep it off.  I have changed my life style and thinking to loose weight and keep myself fit and a weight where I feel good about myself.  

After coming to Lincoln Hypnosis for weight loss, I have found my inner self. My body feels at peace. I never knew how your body feels after losing 29 lbs!! Jeff has helped me all along the way. My health cannot thank him enough!! *individual results may vary

This really works! I’ve lost 45 lbs. and I am keeping it off. This has changed the way I look at food. I feel fruits and Veggies are the treats now, not junk food. Hypnosis has helped me take control and not just with my eating. I swear it has helped my bowling! I can focus better! 

I have lost 38 lbs with Lincoln Hypnosis. It has been the only program our of several that I have tried that is working. Thank you Lincoln Hypnosis!! *individual results may vary