Getting Started with Weight Loss

Welcome to the Master Hypnotist Society Weight Loss. Guide To Hypnotic Developed after years of experience with successful weight loss participants, the hypnotic weight loss system is a result of our clients success. You learn what works. Why it works. How to make it work for you.

Consider your MHS approved weight loss system a simple to do, easy to understand, blueprint to lasting weight loss success. This system has worked for many people in North America for years. Most importantly it will work for any healthy person when applied.
Hypnotic weight loss is designed and based on sound scientific principles and includes the four required phases of learning:

1) understanding
2) assimilation
3) integration
4) application

Hypnosis can be an effective way to lose weight and an exciting way to improve your life.

Important Message

Please visit your doctor and get his approval before beginning this or any other weight management program.

2 Laws of Lasting Weight loss

Mother Nature made the two laws of lasting weight loss Gizmos, gadgets, supplements, mail-order food, injections, drugs, fad diets and every other known pie in the sky weight loss come on, scam or miracle cure cannot deny the non-negotiable scientific facts…

  • To lose weight you must expend or burn more calories than you consume.
  • To Maintain Weight you need to expend the same amount of calories you consume.

Those are the rules. Now we accept the challenge. Keep reading and I’m sure you will agree that the weight loss system described in this booklet is intentionally simple, doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle and gives you more freedom than any other weight loss method you have ever encountered.

Hear from someone who has lost weight with hypnosis.

*individual results may vary