About Lincoln Hypnosis and Jeff Martin

A message for you from Jeff:
The problems associated with being overweight, smoking, and stress are many. Health risks such as high blood pressure and diabetes occur with greater frequency in people who are overweight. Hypnotism has helped thousands of Americans to lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce stress. Approved by the American Medical Association, hypnosis is safe, easy, and scientifically accepted. Through the use of hypnosis, you will learn new methods of motivation and control while building self-esteem and self-confidence. Hypnosis is a fresh, new approach and an exciting new concept in the field of professional hypnosis. Our programs have evolved from years of research and analysis and are specially designed to bring maximum benefit and optimum results. We know that in order for us to reach our own personal and professional goals, we must first be successful in helping you reach yours. I give you my personal promise that your needs, goals, and desires will always be my #1 priority. You have absolutely nothing to lose but a lot of pain and misery. I believe you will find this program to be the most useful plan for creating the changes that you have been searching for.
Sincerely yours,
Jeff L. Martin, C.H.

About Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin is a certified hypnotist and NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Through these tools he teaches others to use the power of their own minds to create the change they desire in their lives.
Jeff has had extensive training in this field since 1994. He is a Certified NLP Practitioner and has many specialty certifications as well. He has over 14 years experience and has helped thousands of people with issues like weight loss, smoking cessation, stress management and self confidence. He has worked with doctors using complimentary hypnotism to help people with pain management and with psychologists to help people overcome negative habits and fears. Jeff works with groups as well as individuals in a private practice.
Jeff is the President and Owner of Lincoln Hypnosis and the Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis, which was the first Training Institute in the state of Nebraska. Jeff also does stage hypnosis and is a corporate speaker.

New Clients receive a Free Hypnosis Screening!

Our free screening is professional, fun, and informative. We give you an honest explanation of hypnosis and evaluate your situation. If we feel hypnosis will not help you we will tell you so. Our policies, procedures, and recommendations are discussed in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Change Unwanted Habits NOW!

Best Guarantee in the Business
Once you complete your program we stand behind you with a written guarantee. If you go back to your unwanted behavior for any reason, our services are available to you at no additional charge for as long as Lincoln Hypnosis is doing business.

Ceiling on Fees
We evaluate your problem and then assess a fee. Once the fee is paid there are absolutely no more additional session charges. We stay with the problem until you are happy.

Personalized Programs
Our programs are custom tailored to fit your individual requirements. Your personalized program is the simple, safe, and quick way to reaching your goals.

Every person who uses our services is taught self-hypnosis. Self-hypnosis inoculates you against relapse and is easily mastered. Self-hypnosis reinforces your desired changes and insures a genuine hypnotic experience.

Scientific Technique
The programs we offer are designed using proven scientific principles. Your program was developed from extensive trial and study. Our programs are based on the positive actions taken by successful clients. Our wish is to provide you with hypnotic services that are effective and easy to understand, that are useful, sensible and easy to apply in everyday life.

Expert Staff
Your professional hypnotist is certified and has completed intensive special training in hypnosis. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals.