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corporate speaking Do you get nervous, anxious, or paralyzing fear, don´t let your negative emotions spoil your most important speeches? Corporate, keynote and public speakers, even after many years of illustrious speaking careers and worldwide experience, some still seem to experience the very same problem! Nervousness, sweaty palms, dry mouth, and the fuzzy head, and than has trouble remembering the topic, or even the very next words you want to say… it can be overcome quite easily with a little mental training.

My name is Jeff Martin and I am a hypnotist who has given many corporate and public speeches over the years myself – and yes, in my past I experienced these very same nerves and problems during my own speaking career. I overcame them for good, using the techniques we will teach you. Many of the greatest and most experienced speakers struggle with this. People’s number one fear is the fear of public speaking, beating the fear of death into the number 2 position!

*Individual results vary.

So why does this fear happen – to even the most competent and accomplished speakers? Well, the problem is in our internal programming. Unfortunately, as the source of this problem is largely emotional not logical, it means that consciously working on the problem by using logic does not really help very much – because the problem is not within the (logical) conscious mind, but the deep within our (emotional) subconscious mind.

This is why working at the subconscious level with hypnosis is the best way to overcome the negative habit. My own speaking career was focused around motivational talks for business conventions and conferences, as well as mental training speeches for various sports associations and groups of elite athletes – and I was also consulting to many professional speakers with regular hypnosis sessions, to overcome their own fears of public speaking and building confidence in their presentation skills.

I created a 10-minute hypnosis exercise focused on powerful public speaking and dissolving the doubts, fears and negative beliefs. Regular use of this hypnosis alleviated all my major symptoms and allowed me to relax, enjoy my presentations and speak with confidence to the audience. I also shared this powerful exercise with my clients at my Texas office.

The exercise contains powerful hypnotic suggestions designed to empower the speaker at the very deepest subconscious level, by creating new ‘programs’ that operate within the subconscious, by guiding you into a relaxed state. You increase deep inner belief, and self confidence in yourself and your speaking ability which makes it easier to remain calm, relaxed and in control during speeches. You increase mental clarity and feeling of control and self-assuredness.

You sharpen memory skills, and increase the speed of memory recall of your speech topics. You increase your overall enjoyment of speeches, talks and presentations. The long-term success and effectiveness of this hypnosis program can stay with you for a lifetime.
Jeff Martin
coporate speaking

Improving Business Performance

Jeff is one of the leading business improvement specialists, speaker and author. Jeff´s personal philosophy is that lasting success comes from developing both the team capabilities and the business management processes. To help companies achieve this Jeff doesn’t just provide the tools: he also provides the know-how for effective implementation. With more than 10 years of operational improvement experience, Jeff Martin provides a broad combination of skills and experience.

He brings both an understanding of the separate elements that need to work together for corporate success and a specific understanding of operations and service issues. In addition to his consulting work Jeff also speaks to audiences all over the country.

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