Stop Smoking Lincoln Hypnosis Endorsements

These are just some of the feedback we get from our clients that we have helped to quit smoking.  (*individual results may vary)


I was a smoker for 30+ years, after 3 sessions I’ve been smoke free.  Would highly recommend!!

Teddi DubasBenet NE

I was smoking over a pack a day until I came into Lincoln Hypnosis.  After first session I no longer had the urge to smoke.  No withdrawals and no urges.  It’s amazing!

Laura TaylorLincoln NE

I am now smoke free with the help of Lincoln Hypnosis.  I don’t need to smoke and I haven’t for over a week.  I don’t cough like I did before and now I can live a healthier life.

Tammy KrichauLincoln NE

I’m smoke free thanks to Lincoln Hypnosis!

Judy BeachLincoln NE

I am smoke free and more relaxed.  I have tried to quit smoking several times before with obviously no success.  I am smoke free now and was able to do it with little to no effort.  This was the best decision I have ever made!! I would and will recommend Lincoln Hypnosis to anyone wanting a sure way to quit smoking.

Rebecca KelloggLincoln NE

I am smoke free after using 1.5 packs daily.  From the first session it was a success.  I feel great!!

Maureen SamelsonLincoln NE

I’ve been smoking for 30 years and have tried everything possible to quit smoking.  Stop smoking 2 packs a day on the first session!  Thanks so much!

Troy BennettLincoln NE

Lincoln Hypnosis worked amazingly for me!  The process was perfect and I’ve been smoke free since day one!!

Haley MaxsonLincoln NE

I stopped smoking at Lincoln Hypnosis.  I smoked 1 pack a day for almost 20 years.  I am smoke free for almost a month and I feel great!!  I am starting a New Year smoke free and health!  Thanks Jeff!!

Gina DowtyYork NE

I smoked a pack a day now I am smoke free.
Thank you Lincoln Hypnosis!

Bill Dowty          York NE

I was a pack a day smoker for 30 years.  Now I am smoke free and loving it.
Thank you Lincoln Hypnosis!!

Gary WeggerLincoln NE