Lincoln Hypnosis Opens a New Office in Omaha

Jeff and Devan Martin have Certified Hypnotherapist and have opened a new office in Omaha and the Council Bluffs area.  They are there to fill in the gaps for hypnosis services bringing in a higher quality of hypnotherapy for weight loss, help to stop smoking (smoking cessation), stress management, sports performance enhancement and much more.

Their office is located at

11855 S. 216th St. Suite #3, Gretna, NE 68028

and the website is

In our Omaha office, you can get your free screening to see how effective hypnosis can be to help you.  We have many satisfied clients and we are sure that by expanding to Omaha and the Council Bluffs area we can help many more people.

Call for the Omaha office: 402-502-9334

The Lincoln office: 402-465-0409