Do You Want to be Trained to be a Hypnotist?

Do you want to build a career as a hypnotist but not sure where to start? Are you looking the bridge the gap between classroom learning and successfully working with clients? Have you trained as a hypnotist but find yourself struggling to build a practice?

As a member of the International Hypnotism Training Consultants (IHTC) team, the Lincoln Hypnosis Center offers world class hypnosis & hypnotherapy training for personal and professional growth to people in Nebraska.

Whether you are new to hypnotism or a seasoned hypnotherapy professional, we can help you take your skill and success to the next level.

Learn hypnosis with our hands-on, in-depth training which includes personalized instruction and feedback, clinical observation at our center, and practical application.
Advanced training and mentorship are available in marketing, business management, and entrepreneurial skills so that you have what it takes to succeed as a hypnotist and a business owner.

We provide training in the internationally renowned McFall Method of Hypnosis Training, which has helped tens of thousands of people improve their lives.

Our hypnosis school teaches the following courses:

  • Basic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training and Certification
  • Advanced Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Training and Certification
  • Neuro-Linguistic Strategies 1
  • Neuro-Linguistic Strategies 2
  • Hypnosis Practice Consultant Mentorship
  • Hypnosis Trainer Consulting Package
  • Stage Hypnosis

Find out more about how hypnosis & hypnotherapy training & certification with IHTC can benefit you and increase your success.

New classes beginning regularly. Trainings times are flexible to fit your schedule.

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Get The IHTC Advantage – Hypnosis Training At Its Best

Hypnosis Classes

Real Life Hands-On Hypnosis Training

We believe that the best hypnosis and hypnotherapy training is real life training. All of our hypnosis training programs include student observation time in our clinics, one-on-one training and feedback from the trainer, and the opportunity to practice on real clients. Hypnosis certification requires that students demonstrate real-life proficiency in the skills being taught.**

Personalized Feedback To Help You Succeed

You will receive specific feedback to help you become a confident, successful hypnotist. By experiencing this, you will have the benefit of making your own changes with hypnosis, giving you more insight into how to help your clients.

Learn Hypnosis From Effective Hypnotists

The Lincoln Hypnosis Center is a busy hypnosis clinic, and Jeff Martin has personally conducted thousands of hypnosis sessions over the past 15 years. The International Hypnotism Training Consultants (IHTC) is an elite group of hypnotists with successful hypnosis practices. Our training is informed by our cumulative experience working with tens of thousands of clients over a period of 30 years. You will have the benefit of drawing on this experience to accelerate your learning and success.

Customized Training For All Skill Levels

Trainings are customized to suit each individual student’s needs, and we welcome people who are brand new to the field and want to become a hypnotist or hypnotherapist, seasoned professionals, and everything in between. We take into consideration your prior training, skill level, experience, and goals and design a training program that challenges you to expand your skills and build your success.***

Grounded Non-Proprietary Curriculum

Our hypnosis training material is non-proprietary and is grounded in the solid foundation of tried and true principals and practices that have stood the test of time. Here is a list of the classic hypnotherapy and hypnosis books that we use as the basis for our trainings.

We offer a free consultation to evaluate your training needs.
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Get certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists with the first year of dues INCLUDED!

National Guild Hypnotist  Certification

We Know You Have Questions. Here Are Some Answers…

Is Hypnosis Real?

Yes! Hypnotism is very real and very effective! But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what Forbes Magazine had to say, “Today, hypnotism is becoming an increasingly popular, and effective, way for people to combat health problems against which they often have little or no control.” The Wall Street Journal says, “Numerous scientific studies have emerged in recent years showing that the hypnotized mind can exert a real and powerful effect on the body. Hypnosis is increasingly being used for helping people lose weight, stop smoking, or even perform better in athletics or academic tests.” Two of the most prestigious magazines in America believe hypnosis works. So do we and so should you!

Does Hypnosis Really Work?

You will notice from our mountain (literally) of local testimonials that our Hypnotism strategies are highly successful! Many people have turned to hypnotists when everything else has failed and we are able to help them create breakthroughs, sometimes immediately! So many people need help these days and Hypnotism and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are two of the most effective technologies available for helping people achieve results! We are so confident that our methods deliver the most effective solutions anywhere that we offer a written guarantee!

I Wonder If I Am A Person Who Could Actually Handle The Training?

As long as you have a high school diploma, the compassion to want to truly help others, and the desire to learn, you will be a good candidate for our program. No matter what stage of life you are in, this profession can take you to another level of personal growth and prosperity! Each one of your Hypnotism trainers started out with nothing and went on to build hugely successful Hypnotism Centers. They have the knowledge and integrity and they want to share it with you.

How Do I Know This Is A Legitimate Business?

We are a dedicated group of Hypnotism and NLP practitioners and business professionals who have come together to share our collective knowledge for the betterment of the world and our Hypnotism profession! We are committed to the proper understanding of hypnosis and helping people to learn how to use their mind to solve real problems in their lives. You can make good money while doing hypnosis, but that must always come second. Once you learn how to provide a very valuable service to others, then you can expect to earn an executive level income over time. When you are the only one in your area who can provide such a powerful service that gives a person his or her life back, you should expect to be justly compensated for it—and you will be!

How Much Time Do I Need To Invest To Become Trained or Certified?

If you were given the genuine opportunity to not only change your own life and career but also the lives of others, giving them dramatic results, wouldn’t you spend six months to train for it? A year? Two years? Many people go to four-year colleges to earn a degree that only allows them to pursue another four years of school, ending up in a job that only gives them an average income! But, you can learn how to be a top dog hypnotist in a matter of 1/2 a year or less! You can enjoy the benefits of giving real help to people who often desperately need it, with some of the smallest time investment we know. Your training schedule can be tailored to your life in most cases. Most of your training involves observing real hypnotists working with real clients in a Hypnotism practice. The amount of time you invest in training each week will be determined by you and the Director of the program. Whether you progress quickly or slowly through the program is up to you. We are more concerned with you getting the absolute best training that we can provide! Any group classes that you might be required to attend are either scheduled at easy times for most people or again based on the student group’s schedule.

Will I be Certified as a Hypnotist After The Training?

Your training will earn you a Certificate of Completion from Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis and the International Training Institutes of Hypnosis. You will also receive the title of “Certified Hypnotist” by the National Guild of Hypnotists and your first year of membership in the Guild will be included. Each state has a different set of rules as to who can practice as a Hypnotist. Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis offers the largest amount of State Vocationally Approved training hours in Nebraska! With our training, you would immediately be able to practice as a Hypnotist. After our training, you will be qualified to sit for the Hypnotism Exam provided by the National Guild of Hypnotists. Once you pass the exam, you be able to practice as a Certified Hypnotist. Hopefully, you see the huge opportunity that this provides you in joining us now!

Do I Have To Pay For Books?

We have a library of books that are recommended for preparation to take the Hypnotist Exam from NGH. Other books that you will be required to read can be purchased at a discount through our school. Many of the materials you need will be provided in your training. This includes the National Guild of Hypnotists training manuals, scripts, DVD’s, etc. If you have any further questions, please call or email us. You can also schedule an in-person interview when you are ready to take your life to the next level. Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Professional hypnotists who possess real skill are needed now more than ever before. Increased obesity, stress, the use of tobacco, and a crisis in American schools have created an infinite market for hypnotism services. It could be said that all people would benefit from the knowledge of how to use hypnotism. As a member school of International Hypnotism Training Institutes, Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis provides complete hypnotism career education. Upon course completion, the graduate shall possess the skills needed to participate in this fascinating profession. In addition, both IHTI and Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis are committed to the distribution of the ultimate practice, management, and marketing training in the industry. Our philosophy is that a vocational choice should enrich the lives of our students as well as their future clients. This life enrichment includes financial, intellectual, spiritual, and physical growth. Our Professional Hypnotist program has been developed to maximize the graduate’s ability to run an independent practice in hypnotism.

Letter from the Founder
Are you excited yet? We are very excited! Our Professional Hypnotist Program has been developed by an enthusiastic team of professionals deeply committed to your professional competency. You will need technical skill in hypnotism. You will need the ability to read people. Those skill sets may be obvious to you. Our extensive experience in the field gives the IHTI team the knowledge and skills you will need in areas you may not have considered. Entrepreneurial marketing practice management and general business knowledge will be needed in order for your business to be stable. The success of everyone taking this course cannot be guaranteed. But for those who acquire the necessary skill, a career in hypnotism can be very rewarding. Since your training is focused on your self-employment and the potential of owning your own hypnotism center, the importance of business skills cannot be over-emphasized. The integration of technical hypnosis skills, blended with marketing and business training is a cutting-edge comprehensive approach to the business of hypnotism. We believe we offer the best hypnosis practice and business education in the world today. Welcome aboard! Your adventure in the prestigious field of hypnotism has begun. Welcome aboard! Your adventure in the prestigious field of hypnotism has begun.

Company History
Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis was established in 2008 by Mr. Jeffrey Martin. Mr. Martin is a Certified Hypnotist who has successfully operated a hypnosis center was started in the Houston Texas area for over 9 years and has now relocated to Lincoln Nebraska. His educational accomplishments include extensive and specialized training with The PATH Foundation and The National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Psychology (NLP). In addition, Mr. Martin has received certifications from The National Guild of Hypnotists and Scott Mcfall School for Master Hypnotists. Through his close association with the IHTI, the Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis is able to offer a comprehensive hypnosis training program designed to impart the highest ethical and professional standards.

Never before in the history of the hypnotism business has a concept like the curriculum of IHTI been offered to our professional community. Our team has amassed literally hundreds of years and thousands of client hours of experience in the highly paid field of hypnotism. Experience is a good teacher. Our marketing and business-building courses are the best in the business. This fact opens the door to real business opportunity. IHTI is an association whose members have all run successful hypnotism practices in the United States and abroad. Although the concept of the IHTI association is at the pinnacle of new thinking in the field of hypnotism, our members are an exemplary group of long-standing and respected hypnotists. All IHTI schools are owned independently.

Each school is required to meet the high standards of IHTI. An operational hypnosis practice is required at each IHTI school. Since IHTI requires that each school have its own clinic treating live clients in the real world, student training occurs with actual clients, not other students. Once qualified, students practice their skills with clients who have real needs under the supervision of an experienced hypnosis trainer. Unfortunately, most hypnosis training only allows practice on fellow students giving an artificial experience to the student. International Hypnotism Training Institutes Professional Hypnotist Program provides each graduate with a toolbox of knowledge and skill that can only be acquired in a real clinical environment.

Educational Philosophy Lincoln Institute of Hypnotism and International Hypnotism Training Institutes (IHTI) subscribe to the goal of providing each student with a positive training experience by certified instructors in an encouraging educational setting. Our goal is to allow each student the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of the program.

Each teacher or staff member is committed to ensuring the successful completion of the program by each individual student. IHTI and Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis are committed to Providing each student with the opportunity to work within real-life circumstances in all aspects of running a successful business in the field of hypnotism.

An ad campaign once said, “Nothing beats the real thing, baby.” Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis and IHTI believe that in order to be competent, a certified hypnotist must have real-life experience during training. Imparting specific values, beliefs, and professional maturity so that each hypnotist trained through our program possesses the character needed to be an ethical ambassador for our profession. Setting high boundaries by modeling the professional behavior necessary for each student’s success. Scheduling trainer time and allocating office space to guarantee each trainee receives direct feedback from his or her certified instructor.

Structuring a step-by-step program including progressive experience analyzing real cases within a genuine hypnosis practice. Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis and IHTI share a common goal with the student. That goal is student success as a professional hypnotist. The true measure of our school’s success can only be demonstrated through the success of our graduates.

Are you interested in helping people make incredible breakthroughs in their personal and professional lives? Would you like an education that can empower you to achieve success in record time? Perhaps you’re looking to be your own boss, set your own hours, be off on holidays, and earn an executive level income without having to go to college!

If so, I’d like to introduce you to the exciting and lucrative world of Hypnotism! Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis offers cutting-edge training in the field of Hypnotism that will prepare you to become a Certified Hypnotist in Nebraska (and anywhere else!) Our program has so many unique features including hands-on, experiential Hypnotism training at an incredibly successful Hypnosis Practice. Since we require each school to have its own clinic treating actual clients in the real world, student training occurs with genuine clients.

Students practice their skills when qualified, with clients who have real needs under the supervision of an experienced hypnotism trainer. Unfortunately, most hypnotism training only allows practice on fellow students, giving an artificial experience to the student, and an apparent lack of self-confidence to the training hypnotist. To be professionally and financially successful in Hypnotism you will need technical skills and the ability to “read” people. We go above and beyond what you traditionally learn through a Hypnotism training program.

Most courses are only a week in length and even the longer programs only cover the basics. Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis provides you with basic, advanced, and master level training skill sets that raise your level of understanding and efficacy in the field of Hypnotism and personal development.

You will be equipped with a toolbox full of strategies for helping people achieve a large variety of goals. You will also gain an understanding of how and why these tools work when to use them, and what to do when nothing seems to work. It’s this kind of insight into the human mind that gives our students the greatest advantage! Because of our extensive experience and success in the field, you will be offered training in the entrepreneurial marketing practices and business modalities that are continually neglected. Many hypnotists today are barely making it in a profession where they should be thriving!

You will be given a balanced skill set so that you are able to be a competent and confident hypnotist AND also be financially sound. This training combination makes our training quite unique! Hypnotists need a strong business model and instruction on how to be a successful business owner as well as a practitioner. If you are serious about succeeding as a professional hypnotist, this is an opportunity of a lifetime! If accepted into our highly intensive training program, you will have an experience like no other.

Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis can offer you outstanding training in the field of Hypnotism in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the money, you would spend on college. And you’ll be equipped with the experience and confidence to begin a private practice on your own upon graduation if this is what you desire. Hopefully, you are getting extremely excited about the opportunity that’s sitting in front of you! We could not begin to describe the incredible impact this training will have on your life! You’re ability to help people, coupled with a strong business and marketing modal designed to earn you a great ROI on your educational investment, could be life changing! Other training programs make fancy claims, but most of it is hype that will cost you dearly.

The Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis is a Vocational Training Hypnotism School. Please call 402-465-0409 and schedule an interview with our Director, Jeff Martin You may also reach Jeff by emailing

We Are Seeking: Students! Entrepreneurs! Retired professionals seeking new income opportunities! Helping professionals who wish to increase their skill level and efficacy! Current hypnotists who are in need of a solid business model and advanced marketing! Thank you so much for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!
Lincoln Institute of Hypnosis Lincoln Nebraska HIH
Director: Jeff Martin, CH
Direct: 402-465-0409

*Individual results may vary.

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