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You’re not going to reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. You won’t be asked to cluck like a chicken (and you wouldn’t do it even if you were asked). And you’re not going to get stuck forever in a trance-like state. Misconceptions about hypnosis run rampant, but most of Hollywood’s portrayals of hypnotherapy are false. In fact, hypnotherapy is a safe, effective treatment option for reducing stress and achieving goals.

Jeff Martin, president and owner of Lincoln Hypnosis Center, has successfully treated thousands of clients who have gone on to lose weight, quit smoking, manage stress, and perform better in their daily lives. Due to demand and his success, Jeff recently expanded into the Omaha market and opened a second location, Omaha Hypnosis Center. As a certified hypnotist and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, he teaches his clients to use the power of their own minds to create change.

Throughout his 20 years of practice, Jeff shares that he has affected positive change in his clients’ lives, enabling them to build self-esteem and confidence they
had never thought possible. As a professional and industry expert, Jeff understands the preconceived notions many people have about hypnosis. “I deal with skeptics everyday, which is why I do a free screening and testing beforehand to see if someone is a good candidate,” he explains. “Hypnosis
is about teaching clients how powerful hypnosis is and how it can help them change their minds.

I describe it as advanced training in human development.” Hypnosis is especially effective for relieving stress and teaching coping skills. “There are thousands of ways people deal with stress,” says Jeff. “And, there are many related issues to being stressed. When we feel confident and good about ourselves, we tend to do well. But, we’re creatures of habit, so if we feel stressed it is easy to fall back into our old habits, even if we know they don’t work for us.” Hypnosis is a method of teaching people to break these habits.

“Through hypnosis and hypnotherapy, I help clients deal with nervousness, stress, or boredom; and alleviate these triggers so they don’t resort to food, smoking, or other buffers,” Jeff adds. Lisa Schmidt’s insecurities used to foster a lot of self-doubt, leading her to overeat. Food was her coping mechanism. Before making an appointment with Jeff at the Lincoln Hypnosis Center, she tried many other diet programs, diet pills, and other weight loss techniques, but nothing worked. “I saw an advertisement and called Jeff for a free screening,” Lisa explains. “He explained the program and asked me why I wanted to come.

I really wasn’t a person who had a lot of self-esteem before starting the program, but Jeff made it very comfortable right from the beginning.” Lisa began her hypnosis sessions in March of 2012, but experienced a disappointing set back soon after she broke her leg in July. Even though she couldn’t put any weight on it or continue her exercise regimen, she stayed on course and went back to hypnotherapy in December of 2012. In 2013, Lisa ran her first 5k — Lincoln’s Color Run — and began participating in her employer’s 100- day workout challenge, which involves completing 100 exercises at the program’s culmination. “I would attribute my success and weight loss to hypnosis,” she says. “So far I’ve lost 38 pounds and 16.5 inches.

Now I watch what I eat, and I don’t overindulge like I used to.” Lincoln Hypnosis’ personalized program for Lisa included a once-a-week session for six weeks and monthly sessions after that. In the year-and-a-half since she’s been going, Lisa has only missed one session. “It helps with my stress, my eating habits, and my selfesteem all together. I never thought I would be this size, and now I am,” she says proudly. Each client is unique, which is why Lincoln Hypnosis tailors its hypnotherapy programs to an individual’s needs. This also helped Lisa succeed. It’s also okay to be nervous before hypnosis. “I was scared to death,” Lisa confesses about her first hypnotherapy session. But, it turns out she had nothing to be afraid of. When Jeff speaks to clients, he talks about issues his clients are having and discusses how to relieve stress and change behaviors. He also provides CDs of his sessions to clients after so they can self-hypnotize at home.

This dual approach—hypnotherapy with Jeff and self-hypnosis at home—reinforces positive behaviors and improves success. Lisa’s improved stress management and self-esteem are truly the tools that have given her weight loss success. Hypnotherapy has simply been the means to teach her how to positively modify her behaviors. For more information about Lincoln or Omaha Hypnosis Centers, or to schedule a free screening, call  402-465-0409 or visit


WE © Copyright 2018, Women’s Edition, Inc. All right reserved.
Reprinted with the express written permission of Women’s Edition, Inc.

WE © Copyright 2018, Women’s Edition, Inc. All right reserved.
Reprinted with the express written permission of Women’s Edition, Inc.

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