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Quit Smoking Fast with Hypnosis

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

Quit Smoking for the familyThere is no better time than the present to become a non-smoker!
We are here to support your decision!  

If you have come to this page we know you desire to understand what is quit smoking hypnosis.  You will learn methods to retrain your minds thinking on how you approach smoking cigarettes and will lose the desire.

It’s time to regain your health and start having a smoke free lifestyle. The benefits are huge and once you finish our program the support doesn’t stop there, we offer you help for as long as needed once the program is finished.

It’s clearly worth getting smoking out of your life! The cost savings, the health regained, losing that cigarette smell when around others.

*Individual results will vary

9 Benefits to Quit Smoking:

1. Twenty minutes after your last cigarette, blood pressure and pulse rate drop to normal. Your hands and feet return to normal temperature.

2. After eight house, carbon monoxide levels in the blood drop to normal. Blood oxygen levels increase to normal.

3. Your chance of heart attack decreases 24 hours after you last smoked.

4. Nerve endings start regrowing, smell and taste is enhanced, and walking becomes easier after 48 hours.

5. In the first two weeks to three months, circulation continues to improve and lung function increases up to 30%.

6. In one to nine months, coughing, sinus congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath decrease. Cilia regrow in the lungs, which increases the ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce infection.

7. At the end of one year, your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker.

8. The average smoker saves thousands of dollars each year.

9. The absolute relief the lose of stress from the worry about the dangers of smoking. You will feel great.

You Know That It’s Time to Quit!

If you give it some thought, you may remember that when you smoked your first cigarette you coughed. You might have even choked on the smoke. For most folks, it takes several times lying to themselves while suffering through the cigarette when they start smoking in order to finally be able to take the smell, physical discomfort, and the hassle.

All you are going to do is use the same type of process in a positive way, using the fixation and repetition to remind yourself of the truth. You were not born with the urge to smoke. You had to basically hypnotize yourself into doing it by smoking when you were bored, stressed, angry, or nervous. After a while, it seemed like smoking was how you got out of those unwanted states of mind. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What if you use hypnosis to train yourself to deal with those unwanted states of mind without using cigarettes as the cue to change your mind? Could the ability to quit smoking be easy if that happened?


FACTS from the Surgeon General!

The U.S. Surgeon General states that every year tobacco kills more Americans than AIDS, alcohol, drugs, car accidents, murders, suicides, and fires combined The American Cancer Association estimates 420,000 people die each year from smoking-related causes Smoking cigarettes puts your life at risk.

Quit Smoking Questions that Hypnosis Solves! 

  • You can stop smoking with hypnosisIf I quit smoking, I’ll gain weight.
  • What will I eat or do to replace cigarettes?
  • Quitting smoking is hard!
  • Will my stress increase?
  • I will still have cravings for tobacco.

Why suffer when you can get the support you need?
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A note from the coaches . . .

Many Americans die each year from AIDS, car accidents, alcoholism, and drugs.You may be interested to know as a smoker that the US Surgeon General said that tobacco kills more of your fellow Americans than all of the other problems discussed. Cigarette smokers comprise 90% of lung cancer victims. Light smokers (1/2 pack a day) show a 5 times higher rate than nonsmokers. These jolting facts reveal one brutal truth. If you decide to smoke, you are committing suicide on the installment plan. You are risking your life and health. You have seen the statistics before and it is an important reminder of why you need to quit. Even though the facts are not welcome, there is a positive result, you can find become smoke-free. Americans by the thousands have quit smoking. Thousands have used hypnosis successfully.

You can live the decisions they have made and reap the rewards of their success.The Hypnosis Stop Smoking System presents you with a method to quit smoking now. You can read the stories of people who have used this program in the endorsement book. Many of them even said it was Easier than they thought it would be. Obviously, we can’t say that all of you will quit smoking with hypnosis.This isn’t for everyone. We can tell you that our clients find the support of hypnosis a great improvement over the hassle of doing it alone. You know you need to quit smoking. You can take the opportunity today. Read the rest of this brochure to make your decision solid. Sincerely, Jeff Martin

*Individual results vary.

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