Winning in 2017: Transform Your Life

Jeff Martin CH Weight Loss Hypnosis SpecialistI will be joined by my friend and partner, Scott McFall. Scott has spent decades studying all aspects of human behavior to run successful clinics and businesses. Scott is a consultant, speaker, entertainer and author. He is a professional trainer and coach.

Scott uses the power of an in-depth, wholistic understanding of human behavior to lead people and entire organizations toward radically positive change and has helped over 30,000 overcome whatever had been holding them back.

I am one of the leading business improvement specialists, speaker and Fix Your Blindspots author. I am also a master trainer and partner at McFall Publishing.

My personal philosophy is that lasting success comes from developing both the team capabilities and the business management processes. I know how to succeed with building your skills and I have a solid track record of helping others succeed, too! To help companies achieve this I don’t just provide the tools: I provide the know-how for effective implementation.

In addition to four days of training with Scott and myself, we are also planning plenty of activities that will allow you to meet and mingle with fellow attendees, learn from each other, and do some valuable networking.

I know this sounds too good to be true. We understand! After all, it’s hard to be sure you’re spending your hard earned dollars on something that’s going to give you results to improve your life.

Tuition $677. Special 2 for 1 Admission

Transform Your Life Seminar Lincoln NE

Who Should Attend

Business Professionals

Scott McFall, National Trainer
Featured Speaker/Trainer

We are excited to offer you a special opportunity to spend four days with National Trainer Scott McFall and Jeff Martin in April. In case you didn’t know, Scott McFall is a Master Trainer with McFall Publishing. I joined Scott as a partner and Master Trainer a little over fifteen years ago.

We’ve already shown hundreds and hundreds of people Scott McFall’s step-by-step system for a successful life. Now they are all outcome based and love life, too!

This life changing event is April 28, 29, 30 and May 1, 2017, you will have the opportunity to learn to improve your mood and maintain a positive outlook, identify and transform negative self talk that keeps you from being your best, and release the unconscious stories that keep you from having what you want. Based on sound scientific principals, this new way of working with people was created as a practical approach to teach you how to release your negative thought patterns in a matter of minutes.

Over the four days we’ll be spending together, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and learn everything there is to learn about reading people correctly and transforming your life by the end of the event. You will learn

Power Secrets of Sales and Magic. Create Credibility. Create Client Loyalty.

  • Goal outcome and how to control it.
  • Techniques to release old negative thoughts and patterns
  • Hypnotic language patterns of influence to increase the effectiveness of the
    work you do with others


Seminar Logistics:
April 28, 29, 30 and May 1, 2017
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
9 a.m.—5 p.m.
Morning and afternoon refreshments will be served.

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Tuition $677. Special 2 for 1 Admission