Weight Loss Struggles Overcome with Hypnosis


women weight loss Hypnosis may help those struggling with obesityOne of the most significant difficulties that many people deal with today has to be that of weight loss. We at Lincoln Hypnosis Center have helped many people conquer the struggle with hypnosis for weight loss.  So let’s look at the problem and see how we can help you.

I would say it’s harder than ever before to stay slim in a world that is bulging with fast food, restaurants and grocery stores on every corner and even delivered to your door. This easy access to food we don’t even consider it a temptation anymore.  I’m hungry, let’s eat.

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We can happily gorge ourselves until we have no room for another bite. Later we feel the guilt of over-eating but it’s not too long later that we are back at the frig again or at the mall and the temptation to eat is all around us.

Consuming more food than necessary is really an unwanted or unneeded habit. Have you noticed how many of us consume more when we feel upset, sad, stressed or tired? It’s something that gives us a little bit of pleasure, even if it is short lived.

If you’ve experienced these kinds of feelings and behaviors and fallen into that yo-yo dieting, possibly it’s time you took a look at how hypnosis can help you to achieve your goals.

weight loss hypnosis

weight loss hypnosis

Hypnosis is really beneficial for people thinking about weight management since it really resolves the processes of the subconscious mind. We’ve all remained in the position where we “believe” we shouldn’t eat something, but go ahead and consume it anyway, only to regret it minutes later. In years past, quick meals, fast food drive-throughs, and restaurant eating was just not a part of our daily routine. Our base nature now feeds off of our emotions that drive us to eat to fulfill an emotional need not a physical one with food that is so easily accessible.

Through hypnosis, this part of the mind can be reprogrammed, producing a state of mind that is better suited for today’s modern-day world. Those old subconscious drives can be lowered so that the thinking part of the mind, which is more quickly able to say “no” to over-eating can be primed and activated. hypnosis permits us to by-pass old consuming routines so that new, healthier routines can be promoted.

Our eating practices are simply one element of good weight management, in times past with less modern conveniences we would have burned thousands of calories through natural exercise and less fattening food and our bodies would burn off any extra calories that we had that day.

With this in mind, we can apply hypnosis to our beliefs about exercise and proper diet. In the past jogging and exercising has been something we have not really enjoyed or wanted to make the extra effort to do even though we know it was really beneficial to our health and the same is with food choices. We know there are certain foods to avoid and ones to eat, but we get lazy and don’t take care of ourselves. We know we need to exercise and eat right, but we don’t.

In our sessions, customized suggestions are used to motivate you to a particular way of thinking and enjoying exercise and eating right. We become someone that is more in touch with how our bodies are naturally geared to work and participate more in life. Can you imagine how wonderful it will feel to have a body that works for you? One which naturally burns those calories in a manner which is enjoyable and life-affirming.

All dieters understand that diet and exercise are the two most important considerations for healthy weight management, however, regardless of this understanding it still seems too difficult to make these changes to your lifestyle.

Having fun exercising because of hypnosisThis is where hypnosis can really make all the difference. We can all agree that before we act on anything, a thought needs to happen. For our example, we may say that this is a thought about going out for a nice walk. Another thought will follow which will move us nearer to our objective, this will cause us to get up and find our shoes, make our way to go outside. Now, we are one action closer to go for our walk.

Then, out of nowhere, another idea comes to mind, possibly that the weather condition doesn’t look that fantastic, or that it might be more enjoyable to just stay in and watch a movie. It is our subconscious processes that will ultimately choose whether we will alter our plans because of the new ideas and it will just be the strongest thought that is acted on.

Through hypnosis, we can change our belief patterns so that the strongest thoughts are always going to be the ones that are in line with our objectives. By consistently following these stronger thought patterns we can develop brand-new neural pathways in the brain which encourages our brand-new practices.

Let’s likewise not forget how positive ideas from your hypnotist can also encourage a happier and more positive state of mind so that emotional eating ends up being a distant memory and you can look forward to the body you’ve constantly imagined.

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