Watch and listen to these awesome reviews of how hypnosis helped them lose weight.

“I have experienced a complete transformation since beginning hypnosis. Eliminating pop and junk food was effortless. I enjoy exercise and look forward to new activities. My self-confidence and decision-making have increased. I enjoy my life and am excited about the future.” Jennifer F, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“After only 2 sessions, I am noticing increased energy and clarity. I am noticing children at play and how I am enjoying exercise and activity as I did when I was young. Despite having a very stressful work time for me, I feel calm and confident. AND after only 2 weeks, my clothes feel more comfortable. Thank you, Jeff Martin.” Gina M, Lincoln Hypnosis *individual results may vary

“I am so proud of myself. I have gone from size 18 to size 12. I actually enjoyed buying/shopping for clothes. I love to exercise and walk daily. For going from a couch potato to a daily walker is a wonderful surprise to myself. I love it!” Shelly S, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“In the first 2 months with Lincoln Hypnosis, I have lost a total of 16 lbs and a total of 2 inches around my waist. My stress level had decreased considerably. I exercise between 45 minutes to one hour each day. Lincoln Hypnosis has helped me change my life around.” Lisa S. , Tecumseh, NE *individual results may vary

“I have lost inches and weight with Lincoln Hypnosis. I feel fantastic and have so much more energy. I hated exercising before and now I love to go walking each night. It works! Give it a try!” Shelly S, Lincoln NE   *individual results may vary

“Lost inches, feel good in my clothes, have lost 17 lbs and feel good.” Dee B, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“I have lost 30 pounds in less than 5 months and feel great. Jeff has given me the tools and support to make the positive lifestyle changes I need for a happy and healthy future. The support of the program service plan has done wonders to keep everything going in a positive manner.” Sharon F, Eagle, NE *individual results may vary

“Since coming to Lincoln Hypnosis I’ve been able to change my attitude to a more positive outlook. I’m able to deal with everyday issues on a better outlook. I am making better choices with food and exercising.” Anne Z, Lincoln, NE *individual results may vary

“I have lost 18lbs and feel much better emotionally and physically. It has changed my whole thinking process when it comes to eating healthy and exercising- I didn’t think that was possible! Lincoln Hypnosis has really changed my life!” Cheri E, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“I have lost 25lbs and 26½ inches in 7 months. I am extremely pleased with the success of this program and have recommended it to others.” Debra S, Seward NE *individual results may vary

“To begin with I am 63 and have struggled with my weight ever since my husband and I were married over 40 years ago. I’ve tried a number of weight loss plans and would lose some weight then gain it all back and then some. Finally I just gave up and accepted that I was going to be way overweight for the rest of my life even though I did not feel well and I knew that my health as well as my energy and zest for life was slipping away. The last straw, however, was last winter when we traveled to Puerto Vallarta on vacation.

I figured that nobody would know me that far away from home and that I could squeeze myself into a swimsuit and enjoy the pool and beach. Imagine my horror when we ran into not one, but two couples that we knew quite well from back home who were staying at our same resort. And of course both of these gals were skinny Minnies. So much for my plan! When we got back home I called the number for the Lincoln Hypnosis clinic that I had seen in a newspaper ad, sort of as a last resort. I was terribly skeptical but I came to the clinic anyway. Didn’t have much to lose by trying, I thought. That was three months ago. As of now I have lost a whole bunch of inches! And it was so much easier than I imagined.

Every other diet I had ever been on left me feeling deprived of the things I wanted to eat. But with this plan, the things I WANT to eat are the things that are actually GOOD for me. Sometimes I still feel skeptical because I just can’t figure out HOW this all works but I guess that doesn’t matter as long as it DOES work. I have so much more energy and the miserable heartburn that I dealt with daily is completely gone. I am enjoying my daily walks more all the time and I never feel deprived when choosing the foods that I want to eat. Thanks, Jeff, for all the advice and encouragement. I never could have done this on my own, I still have a way to go and I know that you will be in my corner as I continue with my new lifestyle changes. Can’t wait to see me next year on vacation! (My long-suffering husband, although he never complained much, als shares these views. God bless him!) Again, thanks for everything!” C.R., Lincoln NE

“Since coming to Lincoln Hypnosis, I’m eating healthier foods. I’ve cut back my sugar intake. I have more energy and I enjoy working out more than I ever have. I’m losing weight and enjoying it.” “Since coming to Lincoln Hypnosis, I have enjoyed working out again! I have more energy and confidence than I’ve had in a long time. I enjoy meeting with Jeff at Lincoln Hypnosis. He is invested in my progress.” “Since coming to Lincoln Hypnosis, I have a better relationship with food. I take the time to think about what I am eating and why. I am more confident in myself and in the decisions I make about food.” Carmen B, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary


“I have tried numerous programs and have failed. Lincoln Hypnosis has been the easiest and most successful program. I feel great and I am succeeding. What I am doing I can do forever!” Marlyce B, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary


“After 4 weeks in the program, I am making more conscious decisions about what I eat, I exercise regularly, and am more relaxed. As a student, I am grateful for more ways to better handle my stress and take healthier, more positive actions as a result.” Rebecca W, Lincoln, NE *individual results may vary

“Since beginning hypnosis with Jeff Martin, I have felt calmer, am sleeping better, look forward to exercising and am eating less at meal times. In the afternoons when my mind starts thinking about finding food to compensate for tiredness or boredom, I am able to ignore those cravings.” Ronda E, Milford, NE  *individual results may vary

“I have been coming to Lincoln Hypnosis for 2 months now and have lost 20 lbs and I feel great. My attitude is awesome. I have learned how to control my eating, listen to myself and have been very positive. I have lost about 2 inches and sleep a lot better than ever before.” Dennis E, Seward NE *individual results may vary


“I’ve lost 18lbs and 9 inches since I’ve been coming. I feel a lot better about myself and I have more energy.” Angela B, Lincoln NE. *individual results may vary

“I have lost 25Lbs after coming to Lincoln Hypnosis and it was easy. I’m down 2 clothing sizes and feel more comfortable and confident in every aspect of my life.” Sharon *individual results may vary

“I am feeling more energetic, my clothes are fitting better (looser) and I know that I can apply these techniques taught by Jeff to my lifestyle and continue to healthier, happier me.” Lisa F, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“Hypnosis has really helped me change the way I see food. I no longer feel the need to eat everything on my place and no longer crave sweets. I eat slower and give myself time to feel satisfied so I don’t overeat.” Pam H, Lincoln NE  *individual results may vary

“I am feeling more positive and upbeat. I am making healthier food choices and eating three meals a day, I am drinking more water, sleeping better and getting more exercise. I give myself positive feedback on a consistent basis. I take more time for myself and enjoy walks at the park.” Jane F, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“I have very positive feelings about the weight loss programs I have been in the past six weeks. I have benefited a great deal from my sessions with Jeff and from the CDs. I’m exercising regularly, eating healthy, sleeping better, and my jeans are loose!” Melinda W, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“Since coming to Lincoln Hypnosis, I am eating in a much healthier manner, drinking plenty of water and exercising (and loving it) every day. I have much more energy and am feeling extremely positive about the changes I’ve made in my life.” Kye H, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“Only 6 weeks in and I’ve lost 19lbs and 8 inches! Jeff’s hypnosis plan gives me the information and drive I need to meet my weight loss goals. This is not a diet – it is a lifestyle change.” Jodie G, Greenwood, NE *individual results may vary

“The sessions are proving to be very beneficial! Past cravings for junk food are quickly diminishing. I’m feeling better and I’m losing weight, without feeling deprived of anything. The bottom line is- it’s working!” Stuart F, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“Lincoln Hypnosis and Jeff Martin have had a very positive impact on my efforts to relax and lose weight. The hypnosis has helped give me confidence and the ability to change my eating habits so I will be able to reach my goal.” Deb F, Lincoln NE *individual results may vary

“I lost 13 ½ inches in 6 weeks. It was easy and fun. Didn’t seem like a “diet” or challenging at all! I would highly recommend this program for anyone. This programs has really changed my whole attitude and outlook.”  *individual results may vary

“I have endless energy and sleep better than ever. I really enjoy my walks and hate it when I have to stop. This is a life changing experience for me and I am loving every minute of it. It has been so fun and easy losing the weight. It’s like my wish is finally coming true. I can’t wait to lose more.” Billie T, Waverly NE *individual results may vary