The Alternative Diet for Weight Loss with Hypnosis

weight loss magicLosing Weight: We all want someone to wave a magic wand over us and presto the weight is gone.  But we all sadly know that is not the case. Especially when we have tried dozens of other programs and so-called miracle recipes, tablets and group programs.  We just end up back on the scale and get all depressed and start eating our comfort foods.  Losing weight with hypnosis will change all that.

Seriously, this can all change starting this week.  Hypnosis is a way to correct how you think about food and release you from the bad habits you have developed over the years that lead to weight gain.  It’s no secret that we are prone to want to eat because it taste good and makes us feel better, but OMG it does not go away as fast as the hunger returning. There is a saying; “5 minutes in the mouth, 5 hours in the stomach and 5 years on the hips”.  Can you relate?


Hypnosis Will Help You Overcome Those Cravings

and dependencies on food beyond what your body actually needs to stay healthy.  That is the other bonus with hypnosis, you can maintain a good diet, feel satisfied and lose weight and resist without a struggle those cravings that have contributed to being overweight in the first place.

Lisa lost over 50 lbsWe have so many testimonies of how much weight people have lost and kept it off.  Did you notice that KEEPING IT OFF? That’s right no more Yo-Yo dieting and with our “Lifetime Weight Loss Support Program,” you can come back without any additional cost if you feel that you’re starting to lose your grip a little and we will put that in writing. You will stay the course and keep the weight off.

Lose however much weight you desire. 

You set the goal and we will work with you to see that you reach that goal and maintain it.  Hypnosis is a fabulous and fun way to finally get to the weight you want to be and feel good about your self, your friends and family will be ecstatic at the progress and your new look. Of course, your outlook on life will take on that whole new persona of someone that has accomplished a lifelong goal and without all the common struggles of dieting and realize that you are now in control and not being controlled.

Hypnosis will help you break that barrier and become the person you want to be.

*We offer to help you for as long as you need it once you finish our program.